Polish Contributions to Computing
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Multiple organizations, publishers, professional societies, and individuals contributed to this project, giving us permissions to republish respective materials and answering our endless questions. Our deepest gratitude goes to the following:
  • Publishers
    • Artech House
    • Birkhäuser
    • Elsevier
    • Motor Verlag
    • Springer-Verlag
    • Springer Netherlands
  • Professional Societies and Organizations
    • Association for Computing Machinery
    • American Mathematical Society
    • American Statistical Association
    • IEEE Computer Society
    • Polish Academy of Sciences
    • YIVO Institute for Jewish Research
  • Individuals
    • Professor Solomon Marcus
    • Professor Victor Marek
    • Professor Jürgen Rohwer
    • Professor Roman Słowiński
    • Professor Janusz Sosnowski
    • Dr. Ewa Wyka
    • Mr. Luis Ceron
    • Mr. Walter Szrek
    • Mr. Charlie Weaver

We also want to thank for the assistance our University’s Computing Services, who provided a server access and network connectivity. But first and foremost, we would like to express our thanks to the personnel at our University Library for helping us in the search process and for delivering copies of multiple and sometimes obscure articles on the subject. All of them contributed to the success of this website.

A separate thank you goes to our Mentor, for continuous encouragement and for making available to us his incredible collection of materials.