Polish Contributions to Computing
CHC60 IEEE Computer Society Competition Project

FGCU Project Team:
Rick Szatkowski, Jr (Team Leader)
Ryan Firtell
Richard Chin Quee
Dr. Janusz Zalewski (Faculty Mentor)

Bruno Abdank-Abakanowicz's Machine
Jewna Jakobson's Machine
Abraham Stern's Machine
Chaim Zelig Slonimski's Machine
Izrael A. Staffel's Machine
Bruno Abdank-Abakanowicz's Machine
Jewna Jakobson's Machine
Abraham Stern's Machine
Jakobson's Machine
Source: Lomonosov Museum
Sankt Petersburg, Russia
Welcome to the Polish Contributions to Computing website. This site brings to you the history of the contributions that the Poles have made over the years. We have done heavy research on each of the Polish contributors, have made several simulators to help describe the theory or applications, and have gathered a large amount of resources.

This site was developed for the IEEE Computer Society's Computing History Competition CHC60. The goal was to design a website with in-depth information related to the history of computing. The website is to clearly convey to others the information we researched. It is also built according to the W3C web standards.

This website is a living entity. When new material comes or some errors are noticed (typos, inconsistencies, broken links, etc.), the information will be automatically updated.

Below is a brief overview of the site describing each of the menu links on the left hand side.
Simulator Preview
Simulator Example
The major contributors are highlighted in this section. It is divided into 3 categories: Hardware, Theory, and Post-War Developments. To access pages on the contributors, simply click on one of the photos in these categories to receive information on the contributor. The main text is the summarization of our findings. On the right side there is a box with images that relate to this contributor.

Below the box for a couple of the contributors, you will see "Simulator:" This is a simulator that we have developed to help you understand the theory or application that this man contributed. When it first opens, the help system for this simulator will display first. For help using simulators, click here or in the bottom right corner of the simulator screen.

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